Old Wives’ Tales, Pregnancy, and Gender Prediction

By L. Elizabeth Forry | Reading Time - 6 min

Old wives’ tales exist in every culture around the world. They are part of oral tradition passed down from generation to generation.

These traditions are used to predict the future or explain superstitious beliefs, and while most of them have no basis in fact or science, they can be fun to learn about! One area that has an abundance of old wives’ tales is pregnancy.

Some examples of popular pregnancy beliefs are that the foods you crave while pregnant will predict what your baby will like later on, or that excessive heartburn means your baby will have a lot of hair.

While these tales may or may not have that much truth to them, it is fun to use them in an attempt to predict your baby’s gender! If you’re interested in giving gender predictions a try, read on for a breakdown of the how, why, and reliability behind some of the most popular ones.