Fun and Unique Pregnancy Announcement Captions

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First and foremost, congratulations on your growing family! Are you ready to share your big news with the world? 

There are many emotions surrounding your little one’s arrival, and just as many ways to announce it. Take your time choosing the perfect Instagram caption. It can be one that perfectly describes how you’re feeling, or something funny, or festive! 

Choose one of our ideas, or let them inspire you to create a custom caption all your own. Here are some of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas to get you started.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Here are some social media caption ideas for when you are so full of joy, you need an instagram caption just as sweet as your little one. Use these alongside pictures from a maternity photoshoot or ultrasound. You can also put them on a custom onesie or t-shirt or a letter board and have a DIY photoshoot! 

  • Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, a love in our hearts that overflows.

  • Dreams do come true, Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to meet you.

  • Our greatest adventure is about to begin. 

  • We’ve been keeping a little secret! Our little one arrives (due date).

  • (Last name), Party of (number).

  • I grow humans, what's your superpower?

  • Maybe pink, maybe blue, all we know is that we’re due!

  • Oh joy, it’s a boy! 

  • What a whirl, it’s a girl! 

  • Stork arriving soon! Baby due (date).

  • Two little feet, oh so sweet.

  • A new baby is such a wonderful addition to life!

  • Can’t wait to meet our sweet baby. Coming (insert due date).
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Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions 

If sentimental isn’t your style, we’ve brought some humor for your social media post. Combine these with a silly photo that matches the caption. 

  • Now I understand my cravings for pickles and peanut butter (or any weird food combo!).

  • You can stop asking when we are having a baby now.

  • Love makes the belly go round. 

  • I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

  • Our mixtape, dropping (due date).

  • Bun in the oven, with nuts! 

  • I’m trading in my purse for a diaper bag.

  • Baby has entered the chat.

  • Bun recipe: bake at 98.6 degrees for 9 months.

  • Future tax deduction arriving (due date).

  • Barfy, sleepy, swollen but never happier! 

  • How did this happen?

  • I am growing a person inside me, what are you doing?
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First Baby Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Before you know it, your sweet newborn will be in your arms. To mark this momentous occasion, you need a caption that is perfect for announcing your first baby.

  • The best is yet to come.

  • A grand adventure is about to begin.

  • And then there were three. 

  • First comes love, then comes baby.

  • You, me, and baby make three. 

  • Our best DIY project yet.

  • We’ve changed our names to Mom and Dad.

  • Pink or Blue? We simply can’t say. We’re so excited for delivery day.

  • I always wondered what it would be like to be pregnant. Now I know!

Other Baby Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Second, third, fourth, and more babies need a special announcement too! We’ve compiled a great list of pregnancy announcements for your growing family, whatever the size. 

  • Our family is expanding by two feet.

  • Plus one. Our family is getting a little bigger.

  • No, really. This is the last one. Probably. Maybe.

  • Our crew keeps growing.

  • Hip Hip Hooray! Another babe is on its way!

  • We wished upon a star, it came true… and now we’re expecting baby number two.

  • Only child status, expiring (due date).

  • Remix dropping (due date). 

  • One is great, two is fun, so we’re adding another one!

  • Every superhero needs a sidekick! 

  • Promoted to big brother/big sister.

  • Only child Oldest child.

  • One more to adore.

  • Here we grow again!

  • New to the crew.

  • There’s fun in store, we are having one more!

Twins Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Having double the babies deserves a special announcement. We have come up with a list of clever ways for your bundles of joy to make their first social media appearance. 

  • Plot twist revealed—twins on their way!
  • Twice the blessing, twice the fun—two babies instead of one.
  • Prayed for one, blessed with two.
  • Twice the joy, twice the love. 
  • Double the surprise!
  • Eating for two three!
  • Good things come in pairs.
  • Make mine a double.
  • Guess what? We are having a baby! Guess what else? We are having two! 
  • BOGO babies.
  • We are just as shocked as you—there are two!
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Themed Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Some people love a good theme. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place! Below are our lists of baby announcement captions with seasonal and holiday themes for you to choose from. 


First up is spring. You can choose a spring theme if you are due in spring, or if you are just bumpin’ and ready to announce your big news during the season.  

  • Have you heard the buzz? Our honey arrives (due date). 

  • We are egg-specting.

  • Somebunny special is coming this spring!

  • Spring is in the air, and we have big news to share! Baby due (date).

  • Baby (name) hatching this spring.

  • Hippity hoppity, baby (name) is on their way!

  • There’s a new peep in our family.

  • Spring brings with it new life. 

  • Baby (name) blooming (date).

  • It’s springtime and everything is growing, including this bump!

  • Our family tree is growing this spring.

  • We’ve been busy as a bee—in (month) there will be three!

  • Spring has sprung a new little love.


  • Red, white, and due! 

  • Adding s’more love to our family.

  • Little firecracker, arriving (due date).

  • Stars, stripes, and sleepless nights.

  • Baby on board.

  • Beach, bikini, baby bump.

  • We are going to need a bigger boat.

  • Little camping buddy arriving (due date).

  • Here comes the son.

  • A little ray of sunshine is arriving soon.

  • Don’t eat watermelon seeds.

  • A little beach bum on the way!

  • This summer we are excited to say, a little (boy or girl) is on the way!


  • Oh my gourd! Baby (name) due (date).

  • Adding another pumpkin to our patch, (due date).

  • Get ready to fall in love! Baby due (date).

  • Make my pumpkin spice latte decaf this year.

  • I love fall leaves, pumpkins, baby bumps.

  • We’re expecting a little pumpkin.
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  • Bubble, bubble, our announcements a double! Twins due (date).

  • Sweeter than Halloween candy, our new baby arrives (due date)!

  • Trick or treat and two little feet.

  • No trick, just a treat! Our family is growing by two little feet!

  • We’ve created a monster! Due (date).

  • I smell children! Twins brewing until (due date).

  • Winnie, I smell a child. 

  • Little Boo due (date).


  • Tailgating for two.

  • We’re adding a new player to our roster.

  • Our first round draft pick takes the field (due date).

  • Team (last name) is growing.

  • A little rookie is joining the team.


  • Turkey isn’t the only thing in the oven this year.

  • Feeling extra thankful this year. Baby due (date).

  • I’m baking a cutie pie this Thanksgiving.

  • Gobble, gobble, this bump makes me wobble.

  • Our little turkey is on the way. 

  • This Thanksgiving, I’m eating for two!



  • All I want for Christmas is a baby brother/sister! 

  • The best gift. 

  • No more silent nights. Baby coming (due date). 

  • Mistle toes arriving (due date). 

  • Santa isn’t the only one coming to town.

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like—my due date!

New Years

  • Poppin’ baby bottles this New Years Eve.

  • New year, new baby! 

  • The ball isn’t the only thing dropping this New Year! Baby (name) due (date).

  • Let the real countdown begin! Baby arriving (due date).
  • Countdown to baby (name).

St. Patrick’s Day

  • We are extra lucky this year, Baby (name) arriving (due date).
  • A little leprechaun is joining our clan, (due date).
  • There are two tiny feet at the end of our rainbow.
  • We’re lucky to say, our little shamrock is on the way!
  • Our little lucky charm arrives (due date).

And that’s it! Congratulations on your growing family. Be sure to celebrate your new addition with your loved ones, and make your public baby announcement whenever you are ready. You may be ready to tell the world as soon as you see those two pink lines, or you may want to hold onto your big news a bit longer. The right time to announce your pregnancy is when you feel ready. Many expecting parents wait until after the first trimester to take their announcement beyond their immediate family and to social media.

When you decide you are ready, we hope this article has inspired you to make the perfect pregnancy announcement on social media. Choose your favorite caption, plan your photo, and make your announcement to the world! 

After posting, we invite you to visit the Nurture& website to discover more about the brand. Browse our mindfully curated selection of baby essentials, and read through our journal for more helpful and informative articles on pregnancy and baby care topics!

Melissa Loehle

Melissa Loehle

Melissa Loehle is an Educator, Graduate Intern, Writer, and Mother. She has experience teaching children in general education, English as a foreign language, and speech pathology. She is a former kindergarten teacher and is currently completing her masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Baylor University. Melissa has taught English as a volunteer and online. She is a freelance writer and editor who loves to help educate others. Her favorite accomplishment is becoming a mother. She is the mother of two boys, ages four years old and five months old, as well as a dog mom to two mixed breed oddballs. She currently resides in Saratoga County, NY.