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Your baby's nursery decor and overall function can stem from the slightest spark of inspiration. It could be as small as a table lamp in a store window that catches your eye and sets the stage for your little one’s new room.

If you haven’t found that spark quite yet, let our list of the best themes, color palettes, and decorating ideas inspire you through your nursery design journey.

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Popular Nursery Themes

Getting started on your baby’s room is sometimes the hardest part. There are so many options and it can be difficult to narrow down which of your favorite ideas are practical for your situation. Here are the most popular nursery themes to get the ideas flowing.

1) Gender-Neutral

This is a great place to begin if you aren’t finding out the sex of your baby before they’re born or if you want to get started, but haven’t settled on the nursery decor yet. A gender-neutral nursery works for any baby and can be easily changed or added to later.

Establish a base of beige, pale yellow, or grey paint and furnishings. You can move in the direction of a bolder theme by building off of these muted colors.

2) Baby Boy

The classic color schemes for baby boys typically include darker colors. Navy blue and forest green complement many nursery themes and accessories made for boys.

Be aware that dark paint colors can make a room look small, so use a lighter shade—or white—for the trim and accents to help break up the space. Alternating solid-colored walls with a wall of geometric shapes is another way to make the room feel more open.

3) Baby Girl

Softer colors and delicate designs are typically associated with a feminine theme. The lighter shades of pink and purple can create a gorgeous nursery for your little girl when paired with an ivory or oatmeal-colored background. Consider a wallpaper of flowers or other whimsical patterns for your baby girl’s nursery.

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4) Minimalist

You don’t have to go over the top when putting together a nursery for your new baby. Keep it simple with solid-colored walls and only the nursery basics to create a clean and spacious aesthetic.

The minimalist approach to your baby’s room takes the overwhelm out of decorating while still feeling comfortable in the nursery. Like the gender-neutral theme, this can quickly be changed to accommodate your child’s own style and interests as they grow.

 5) Modern

Matching your little one’s room to the interior design of your home may call for a modern nursery theme. Some modern room ideas include bold colors and patterns, furniture with sleek lines, and large wall art or accent pieces.

The great thing about going modern is that there are ways to put this theme together for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

6) Safari

Set up a safari-themed nursery with framed pictures of baby animals on the wall and an animal print blanket or rug. An oversized green leaf pattern on the accent wall completes the safari look.

This room theme pairs nicely with wooden nursery furniture in a natural or light-colored stain. A toy giraffe, elephant, or another plush animal that fits the theme can be used as room decor until your baby is old enough to play with it.

7) Boho

If you like bohemian-style spaces, kick off your nursery room design with paint colors like golden yellow, burnt orange, or moss green. Bamboo and rattan furniture are flattering alongside these colors and create an organic ambiance in your baby’s room.

A boho-themed nursery also gives a vintage feel with the same earth-tone colors that were popular for room decor in the 70s.

8) Natural Light

You can find the vision of your new baby’s nursery in the natural light shining through the windows. This inspiration may lead you to some nursery ideas like clouds and sunshine, pastel rainbows, or plain white walls.

The result of this clean and airy theme is an atmosphere that is calm and soothing for your baby—and you.

9) Small Nursery

The size of the room you have available for the nursery can be an inspiration in itself. Filling out the area with compact and multipurpose furniture makes the most of the space while still keeping it cozy.

This may come by way of selecting eclectic pieces that fit your room’s unique shape. Wall decor may be the best way to decorate a small nursery, so you have as much floor space as possible.

Ideas for Nursery Walls

Deciding on the nursery theme may have helped you choose the decor that you love, but now you might be wondering how to carry your design plan up onto the walls of the nursery.

Here are five ideas for decorating the nursery walls:

White Walls

Keep it simple by leaving the paint on the walls a solid white. White walls are suitable for most nursery themes while emanating a fresh feel. 

Plain walls in the room provide a blank slate for pops of color in the wall decor to stand out. Not featuring colors or patterns on the walls allows for bookshelves or other large furniture in the room to take up vertical space.

A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall displays several sets of pictures, framed artwork, or shelves all grouped together on one wall. The other sides of the room may have little to no wall decor to showcase the gallery wall as the focal point. This type of decorating can include personal photos, objects relating to the nursery theme, or a mix of both.

Wall Art

Design a one-of-a-kind baby nursery by adding your own wall art. You can find wall decals that fit any theme, color, or style you want to portray. Wall decals are a one-day peel-and-stick DIY project that creates a completely personalized suite for your little one. A mural painted by you or someone close to you is another way to establish your baby’s room as a special space.

An Accent Wall

The accent wall is one wall with a different paint color or wallpaper pattern than the rest of the nursery walls. Just like the gallery wall, an accent wall will grab your attention with your first glance into the room—so reserve this side for smaller furniture or pieces that are more wide than tall. Some parents choose to plan the design of their accent wall around the baby’s crib to tie the room together.

Pastel Paint Colors

The pastel color palette is standard for many baby clothes and toys. Incorporating pastel paint colors, like sky blue or mint green, into the theme matches the nursery walls with your little one’s accessories. Pastel colors are easy on the eyes and serve well as a background for bolder decorative pieces in the nursery.

Must-Have Nursery Furniture

The furniture you choose to fill your baby’s nursery should be practical for you to use, safe for your baby, and enhance the pleasant atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. Here are essential nursery furniture pieces to complete your baby’s room.

Rocking Chair or Glider

In the early newborn days, it’s especially important to have a seat in the nursery for restful snuggle time with your baby. Deciding between the timeless style of a standard rocking chair or the modern design of a new glider comes down to your personal preference. 

When selecting your chair keep in mind that this piece of furniture will continue to be your go-to seat to spend time with your child for many years to come if you select a quality piece. The Glider Plus provides the ultimate comfort with a power recline, adjustable headrest, and a large seat.


A staple in nursery storage, the dresser for your little one’s room should be spacious and functional for organizing all of your baby's clothes and accessories. 

The Dresser from Nurture& is exactly that. It has maximum storage potential, with seven drawers and extendable side panels to hold a basket of baby supplies or a stack of diapers. The dimensions of The Dresser make it the perfect size to be used as a changing table when you add The Changing Topper to the flat surface.


Your baby’s bed is important to the style of your nursery theme and the sensible use of the space in the room. 

The Crib has a classic yet modern aesthetic to fit in with your nursery design. This fully adjustable crib is built to last, with high-quality materials. Center the crib against the wall opposite the entryway to make it the main focus of the room. Position the baby’s bed close to the glider or rocking chair for a smooth transition when your baby falls asleep.

Toddler Bed

It’s common to put a toddler bed at the bottom of your nursery checklist. While you won’t need this essential furniture piece immediately after your baby is born, it’s best to have one ready as soon as possible. 

However, being prepared is easy when your baby’s crib can be converted. Remove one or both sides of The Crib, replace them with The Guardrail, and just like that your baby’s nursery becomes a big kid’s room.

Play Mat

When you’re thinking through your baby room ideas, you may question how to design a space for your baby’s toys. Setting up toy bins around The PlayPad is a great way to designate a safe space for your baby to explore in the nursery or playroom. 

If you’ve already filled up a small nursery with other essentials, you can use The PlayPad in the living room of your home for tummy time or playtime. When you need to get it out of the way, store The PlayPad in the nursery closet or under the crib until you’re ready to use it again.

 Inspiration for your baby’s room can come from anywhere! You can take pieces of the nursery ideas in this article to get you started, or build the best space for your family by recreating the images that appeal to you.

At Nurture&, we want to support you through your entire parenting journey with nursery furniture, baby products, and helpful advice made for parents, by parents.

Alyssa Larsen

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