Nursery Organization Ideas

Written by: Alyssa Larsen



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Organizing your baby’s room is essential to creating a functional nursery. New parents can feel overwhelmed by the amount of baby stuff they accumulate before their baby is even born. In this article, you will find organization tips and ideas for the nursery. 

Tips on How to Organize a Baby’s Nursery

New moms and dads have many new responsibilities to navigate with a newborn, so it’s better to start putting your baby’s room together well before your due date. An early jump on organizing leaves you with a fully stocked nursery and you’ll know exactly where to find everything your baby needs.

Utilize the Space Under the Crib

Make the most of the floor space the crib covers by storing things underneath and out of the way. Especially while your baby is tiny and the mattress in the crib is raised to the highest level.


Even at its lowest mattress setting, this crib has 11 inches of space below to store diaper boxes, totes of clothes, or baby toys that your little one isn’t old enough to use yet.

Maintain a Safe Sleeping Area

Begin your nursery organization by choosing the sleeping area. Whether you’re setting up a bassinet or a crib, make sure it gets the safest spot in the room.


This means, keeping the bed away from windows to avoid your baby getting ahold of any window treatments. Stay out from under any heavy wall hangings that could be knocked down. Anything that could fall or be pulled into the crib puts your baby at risk for injury.


Proper air circulation in the baby’s room, via a fan or whole-house ventilation, can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Turn the Dresser into a Changing Station

Use the top of your dresser as a changing table to combine two essential nursery elements into one. A multifunctional piece like this one—where a changing topper can be added and then easily removed when the diaper days are over—is ideal.


You’ll have space on the dresser top for the changing pad and a stash of supplies next to it. Then you can easily reach into a drawer below when a diaper blowout calls for a change of clothes.

Create a Feeding Corner

Set up a retreat for you and your baby to get cozy in when it’s time to feed them. Center this area with a comfortable glider or rocking chair.


Whether you have a breastfed newborn who likes frequent snacks or a little one who takes their time finishing off a bottle, the collection of gliders from Nurture& will support you comfortably through every feeding session.


Beside your seat place a small table with lighting, and a drawer or storage bin underneath to keep extra swaddles or pacifiers within arm’s reach.

Set a Designated Play Area

Make this the place your baby can practice supported tummy time and a safe place to land as they grow and learn to move on their own. Have a fabric storage bin nearby to collect stuffed animals and other baby toys in the play area.


Mark this spot with The PlayPad. This cushioned playmat is a blend of style and function. It’s made of 100% vegan leather that comes in three colors and is easy to wipe down after a mess.

Use the Whole Closet

Little baby clothes on hangers don’t take up a lot of space. You can install a shelving unit underneath the clothes for maximum nursery closet organization. Or stack up boxes of extra baby diapers and wipes to utilize that storage space.


Storage totes on the closet floor are a great way to keep clothes that don’t fit yet or collect the ones your baby has outgrown. There are many options for the closet, so consider an inexpensive shelving unit or bins that will help you set up an organized system from the beginning.

No Closet? No Problem

A nursery without a closet can still be tidy and organized. Invest in a wardrobe to put things away that you might have kept in a closet. Wardrobes come in different styles so check out a few to find the one that best fits your needs.


Because of the compact space inside a wardrobe, they are best for hanging clothes and storing smaller baby items. An organization hack for storing large boxes of baby supplies is to take them out of the boxes so you can arrange them individually to fit into the wardrobe.

Essentials for Nursery Storage

The key to keeping your nursery organized is starting out organized. Put these essential organization items on your baby registry so you can put everything in its place before you bring your baby home from the hospital.

Storage Ottoman

The Storage Ottoman serves many purposes. It’s a footrest next to your glider or extra seating when both parents are in the room. It is made with the same stain-resistant fabric as the Nurture& gliders and comes in matching colors. This piece of furniture is a storage solution that holds the baby items you want to keep out of sight.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer organizers are the best way to keep a nursery dresser neat. They separate things from getting mixed together so it’s easy to quickly grab what you need out of the dresser drawers.


When you have your baby laying on the changing pad on top of the dresser, keep one hand on them while you use your other hand to slide open the top drawer and grab what you need without having to rummage through other clothes.

Closet Dividers

Just like the dresser, you want to easily find what you’re looking for in the closet. You can purchase baby closet dividers that are pre-labeled with baby clothes sizes or use blank ones to personalize your own labels. 


They hook around the closet rod that the clothes hang on so you can see at a glance where that 0-3 month sleeper is that you’re looking for.

Baskets and Storage Bins

The most useful storage solutions are the ones that can change with the times. Baskets and bins can be used everywhere for anything. They can have a home in the nursery but also be moved around when you need them in a different room. Assign each one to a specific baby item or use them as a catch-all when you need to do a quick cleanup.

Diaper Pail and Hamper

For a clutter-free nursery, put a diaper pail next to the changing station so you can throw dirty diapers away directly after diaper changes. A hamper serves the same purpose for dirty clothes. A place to toss burp cloths covered in spit-up keeps them already gathered up and ready to dump into the washing machine.

Diaper Caddy

Stock a diaper caddy with everything you might need for diaper changes—diapers, wipes, creams, and an extra onesie—so it’s all in one place. Put the caddy next to the changing table so you can use all your supplies in the nursery and it’s ready to pick up and go when you spend time with your baby in other rooms of your home.

Diaper Bag

The more places you have to store diapers, the better! Keep your diaper bag stocked so you can grab and go when you need to leave the house on time. Remember to check the diaper bag for spares when you panic in the middle of the night because your nursery caddy is empty.

Hanging Bookshelf

A bookcase can take up a lot of floor space, but extra storage up off the floor can be accomplished with a hanging bookshelf. The baby books up on the wall are a win for your organization system and add a cute aesthetic to your nursery decor.

Wall Decor

Themed pictures or family photos give your baby’s nursery a personal touch. Hang them up on the wall to clear the surface of the dresser or nightstand in the room. Keep the table tops reserved for baby organization items that you use on a daily basis. Wall decor frees up space for baskets and bins to be set up on tables without knocking over a picture frame.

You don’t need an expert to prepare your baby’s room according to your needs. Apply these organization ideas to your home for a DIY nursery. Follow the tips that work best for you and the space you have available.

Have the base of your setup done before your new baby arrives, but keep in mind that you may use your nursery differently once you get settled with your baby. Make the space flexible so you can adjust as your baby grows and your needs change.

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