The Complete Guide to Buying a Nursery Glider

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A nursing chair is one of the top three essential pieces of nursery furniture. The only item that will get more use than your nursing chair is your baby’s crib. These rockers or gliders provide an excellent space for feeding, soothing, and bonding with your baby.

Do I Need a Nursing Chair?


A nursing chair is a useful and beneficial item for parents. It may even be the most important purchase for your baby’s nursery. But before deciding if you need a nursing chair, let’s discuss what a nursing chair is.


The armchairs of these chairs are cushioned and typically have a rocking or gliding feature. Some are recliners with a built-in footrest, while others may come in a set with an ottoman.


Nursing chairs are commonly referred to as nursery chairs, rockers, or gliders. They will have armrests, which you need to be able to hold your baby comfortably while you nurse or bottle-feed. A good nursing chair will have a wide seat so you can comfortably fit a nursing pillow around you for added support. 

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Nursery chairs are an excellent addition to your baby’s nursery. If your baby is roomsharing or their room cannot accommodate all the essentials, a nursery rocker or glider should still be on your list of necessary items.

Although "nursery" is in the name, these nursing chairs can be used in any space that is quiet and relaxing, like the living room or your bedroom.

Benefits of Having a Nursing Chair


There are many benefits to having a nursing chair, for both you and your little one! These include:

Support When Breastfeeding

Nursing chairs have high backs, allowing you to lean back and rest comfortably while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. The wide seat allows for you and your baby to fit snugly as they lie down and are supported by both you and the cushioned armrests. A nursing pillow can provide extra support during feedings as well.

glider chair

Support for the baby

A main feature of nursing chairs is their rocking or gliding motion. Movement is one of the best ways to soothe a crying or fussy baby, so having a chair that allows for movement without you doing all the work is ideal, especially for those middle-of-the-night feedings and wakings! 

Helps to Develop a Routine

A nursery chair provides a designated space for you and your baby to sit for feedings and stories. Rocking in the nursing chair before bedtime provides an opportunity for bonding and sets a comforting routine. 

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Comfort for Parents with Back Pain

A good nursery chair will also provide you with good back support. High backs and cushions allow for lumbar support, while footrests can take pressure off your back. 

power recline glider

More Than Just Nursery Furniture

Nursery chairs can be used well beyond the nursing years and after the transition from nursery furniture to toddler beds and big kid rooms. Rockers and gliders are great places to read bedtime stories and cuddle with your children as they grow. 

What is a Nursery Glider?

Nursery chairs can be categorized as either rockers or gliders. A nursery glider provides you with smooth movement by gliding on a fixed track. They move seamlessly and silently, and some have the ability to spin in a 360 motion as well as back and forth. 


Here is a breakdown of some of the different design options you can expect to find when searching for your nursery glider. 

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Swivel Glider

Swivel gliders also run on a track that allows for smooth, seamless movement. The ability to rotate allows you to grab things or turn to watch your other children without having to interrupt feedings or wake a sleeping baby in your arms.


These nursery gliders give you the option to lean back and switch from an upright position. As you lean back, a footrest may also be available for further relaxation.

Chair and Separate Footrest

If a glider does not have a reclining feature, then it will likely come with a separate footrest, like a foot stool or an ottoman. They may be stationary, or they can rock or glide along with the glider as you move. 


Partial or Full Coverage Upholstery

Nursery gliders can come fully upholstered with cushions throughout, or they can have a combination of hardwood and cushions. 

Test Out a Nursery Glider  

If you are unsure of what features you prefer, try some nursery chairs out! You can go to a local store and see their selection, or you can order from somewhere with free returns and try it from the comfort of your home. Nurture& lets you try out any glider from our collection free for 30 days. 

Guide to Buying Your Nurture& Glider 


Nurture&’s selection of gliders covers all the bases in terms of functionality and features. Choose a nursery glider with amenities that cater to your needs.


Maybe you need a swivel feature so you can keep an eye on your toddler, or a built-in USB charger to power up your devices while feeding your baby. The best type of chair is the one that makes your life easier


The goal of this guide is to take the guesswork out of the selection process. Read on to figure out which glider is best for your (and your family’s) needs. 

gray nursery glider

Consider the Features

The nursery design process is fraught with so many decisions, and the glider you select will likely be one of your biggest and most important investments. Since launching The Glider as our first-ever product, we have since debuted a selection of seating options to fit various lifestyles and considerations.

Think About How You’ll Use It

While it may be challenging to know exactly how you’ll use your glider, a few considerations can help you narrow down your options. For example, if you have another child or are expecting twins, an extra-wide seat is a must.


And if you plan to spend time in the nursery with other people in addition to your baby (ex: family story time), or if you plan to place your glider away from the door, you may want a chair that swivels so you can easily look around the room.


One aspect worth noting is that The Glider and The Glider Plus don’t glide when they’re in a complete or nearly-complete reclining position. If it’s important that you’re able to glide while fully reclined, we recommend investing in an ottoman. We have three options that offer varying price-points and features.

Review Your Nursery Decor 

Your space may strongly influence the glider you choose. For example, if you are not planning to place your chair near a power source, you may want to opt for the manual glider. The Swivel may be your best option for small spaces. Consider your complete nursery layout to determine where the glider will live.

nursery glider decor

Some find that placing it closest to the crib can ease the transition from feeding to bedtime, while others prefer to create a dedicated feeding nook that feels like a separate space in the nursery.

Consult Your Budget

We’re parents ourselves and know how important having a budget is—especially when it comes to raising kids. While all of our products are designed and built to be great long-term investments, the prices vary according to the features included in each option.

The Nurture& Glider Collection

The Glider Plus

Our piece de resistance, the Glider Plus is equipped with every feature—and then some. The Glider Plus is the only glider on the market that offers details like a power recliner and smooth swivel, built-in USB charger, automated lumbar support, and adjustable headrest for ultimate comfort and maximal customization.

The Boucle Glider Plus

Our most premium glider in a boucle stain-resistant fabric. With innovative must-haves like power recline, a built-in USB charging port, automated lumbar support and more, this chair is guaranteed to add instant style and comfort to your nursery.

the boucle glider

The Glider Chair

Our original and bestselling product, The Glider combines a sleek design with modern features guaranteed to ease those frequent rockings and feedings. Features like a power recline, adjustable headrest, built-in USB charging port and adjustable headrest creates a comfortable experience, while stain-resistant fabric ensures durability against life’s messes.

The Manual Glider

A less pricey and more classic option, The Manual Glider is great for those who are looking for a power-free alternative to our other nursery gliders. The Manual Glider features the same stain-resistant fabric and sleek silhouette as The Glider and The Glider Plus, and provides a manual recline option that is activated by pulling a lever on the side of the chair. 

If you are short on power sources in your nursery or are looking for a more budget-conscious alternative, The Manual Glider is the perfect solution for your nursery needs.

The Swivel Glider

If you’re shorter on space or looking for a less traditional-looking nursery glider, The Swivel may fit the bill. Offering a unique, design-forward aesthetic but with baby-friendly features like a wide seat, built-in USB charger and stain-resistant fabric, The Swivel does not have a recline option, but a matching ottoman (with hidden storage!) is available for purchase should you seek a place to kick up your feet while you glide.

the swilvel glider

The Rocking Chair

A modern twist on a beloved classic, The Rocking Chair can easily integrate into any room of the house.

the swilvel glider

We hope this guide has helped you understand the nuances of a nursing chair and provided helpful insight into the gliders available for your baby’s nursery. Do you need a Nursery Glider? Nurture& has the best products and prices for new parents. We invite you to check out our collection. 

What Type of Chair is Best for a Nursery?


The best type of chair for your baby room is one that provides you comfort, doesn’t use much space, is easy to clean, and is quiet enough so you can use it while your baby sleeps.


Glider chairs and swivel glider are popular options, especially because the motion can help fussy babies fall asleep. Recliner chairs and glider recliners are also a great option, since they provide a lot of comfort to parents during feeding sessions.

What is The Difference Between a Glider and a Swivel Glider?


The main difference between a glider chair and a swivel glider, or swivel chair is the movements they are able to do.


Glider chairs are often confused with rocking chairs, as their movements are similar, but their rocking motions have a fundamental difference, while both go back and forth, rocking chairs do it on an arch, and glider chairs do it in a linear fashion, resulting in a more refined movement that doesn’t need as much space as the motions of a rocking chair.


Swivel gliders stand on a base that allows them to stay flat and spin 360-degrees. This allows you to face any direction when sitting on the chair.

What is The Difference Between a Glider and a Recliner?

A glider is a type of nursery chair that’s able to do a soft back and forth motion, and it’s ideal to help babies fall asleep easier, while a recliner is a type of armchair that can be tilted backward for comfort. There are glider recliners that combine the functionality of a glider chair with the comfort of a recliner to provide the ultimate nursery experience.

What is The Best Material for a Comfortable Nursery Chair?


Nursery chairs are usually made up of a wooden body, and a fabric cover that can be a natural or artificial fabric. The fabric of your nursery chair should be easy to clean, and durable enough to last throughout frequent cleanings.


Artificial fabrics, such as polyester, are considered the perfect fabric for a nursery chair. We use this material in our gliders because it is incredibly durable, absorbs water very quickly and it’s stain-resistant. It also has a nice texture that you’ll enjoy during its countless hours of use. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Glider?


Depending on your needs, you can find gliders anywhere from $800 for a swivel glider to $1,500 for a glider with automatic reclining functions. At Nurture&, you can find all kinds of gliders within this price range plus free shipping on all of them.

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Melissa has taught English as a volunteer and online. She is a freelance writer and editor who loves to help educate others. Her favorite accomplishment is becoming a mother. She is the mother of two boys, ages four years old and five months old, as well as a dog mom to two mixed breed oddballs. She currently resides in Saratoga County, NY.