Nursury Dresser Buying Guide

Nursery Dresser Buying Guide

Written by: Alyssa Larsen



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Setting up your baby’s nursery is a fun experience for most new parents. You can incorporate your style while filling the space with all the baby essentials. Picking out the best nursery furniture to fit your needs is an important part of the process.


You’ll want to look for functional pieces that work well in your space and complete the overall aesthetic of your nursery theme. The nursery dresser is one piece of furniture you don’t want to go without. We’ve put together a buying guide to find the best nursery dresser for your baby’s room.

Do I Need a Nursery Dresser?


Yes! Even if you’re interested in a minimalistic style, a dresser, along with a glider and crib, is a must-have item in your baby’s room. A nursery dresser can set the tone for the functionality and appearance of the entire room.


With a quality nursery dresser, you’ll …

  • Stay organized with a place to put things away.

  • Know where everything is with several separate drawers.

  • Free up the closet for storing bigger baby items.

  • Have daily essentials within arm’s reach.

  • Make it easy for all caregivers to find what your baby needs.

  • Give your child a staple piece of furniture that they’ll use for many years to come.

So, how do you find the dresser that checks all those boxes? Follow this guide to help you choose the best nursery dresser for your baby’s room.

Dresser vs Changing Table


Many new parents are now opting for a changing tray on top of their nursery dresser rather than a stand-alone changing table. The dresser/changer combo creates a clothing and diapering station that saves you money and space.


If you have other plans for how you want to top your dresser and you have enough space in the room, then a separate changing table might be a more suitable choice for your baby’s nursery.


For an all-in-one, multifunctional changing station, check out The Dresser from Nurture&. With seven drawers you have plenty of storage space for baby clothes and other small baby gear. The flat top of the dresser accommodates The Changing Topper that can be easily attached to hold a changing pad and diapering essentials in place. You can remove the topper when your little one grows up and no longer needs diaper changes.


The option of extendable sides maximizes usable surface area without taking up more floor space. Choose between white or a natural finish to match any nursery theme or decor. And because it’s made with premium materials, The Dresser is built to last.


Creating a nursery in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have functional baby furniture. The 4-Drawer Dresser has the same smooth-glide drawers and the option to add the changing topper all in a more compact size.

7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Nursery Dresser


Once you have your nursery design in mind, it’s important to purchase the right furniture pieces to put together an organized and appealing room that you and your baby enjoy being in. Before you buy a baby dresser, consider these factors that will make a significant impact on choosing the best nursery dresser for your baby’s room.


Spend some time in the empty nursery room and imagine where you’ll want to place each piece of furniture. Although the dresser is an essential piece of furniture, it’s equally important to take into account where your other nursery furniture will sit and how much space it will take up. It’s handy to get out a tape measure so you know exactly how many inches you have available for the nursery dresser.

Storage Space

Think about what you’ll keep in your baby’s dresser. If the nursery has a closet where some baby clothes can be hung up, you may choose a smaller dresserto hold fewer clothes. With a large double dresser, you could consider storing other baby items, like extra diapers, toys, bibs, and bathing supplies to keep your nursery organized.

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Safety Features

When choosing a nursery dresser, you may not be thinking about the fact that your new baby boy or baby girl will be pulling themselves up and trying to climb the dresser drawers. But that stage will come sooner than you think! Plan ahead and select a dresser that comes with or can accommodate child safety locks. An anti-tip kit will prevent any injuries once your little one becomes mobile.

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Conversion Capabilities

Much like a convertible crib that later becomes a toddler bed, a versatile dresser is ideal for quick-growing kids. A nursery dresser that is a proper height and length can serve as a diaper-changing station while your baby is little and then revert back to a flat-top dresser when the diaper days are over.

Durability and Quality

The best nursery dressers are the ones that can support your family's needs through many seasons of life. The high-quality construction of a nursery dresser made from solid wood tends to last the longest. How the knobs on the dresser are secured, the size and stability of the legs, and the weight capacity of each drawer all play a part in how long this piece of furniture will hold up.

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Style and Design

Once you’ve figured out the technical aspect of picking a dresser, you can focus on the overall look and how it fits in with your nursery decor. Check out furniture sets with a matching theme across the dresser, the crib, and the rocking chair or glider. Or you can look for a dresser with a simple design to place alongside a more elaborate focal point in the room.

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A quality piece of furniture may be more expensive but can save you from having to replace your dresser year after year. Nursery dressers vary greatly and it’s possible to find one that is both of good quality and at an affordable price. Don’t break the bank on a nursery dresser that doesn’t align with your budget. Set a realistic limit of what your family can afford to spend on baby furniture and stick to it.


A nursery dresser is a crucial part of making your little one’s room a practical place for daily baby care and keeping the space tidy. With the advice from this guide, you’re fully equipped to buy the nursery dresser that works well for your family and looks great in your baby’s room.


You can read more tips on setting up your baby’s nursery in our Journal. Find the best nursery dresser for your home and more premium nursery furniture made for parents, by parents in Nurture&’s online store.