11 Great Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

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There are countless options when it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery. Furniture, bedding, colors, and theme all tie into the overall look of your little one’s bedroom—including how you decorate the walls. Should you paint the walls? Should you hang picture frames?

With these nursery wall decor ideas, we’ll help you figure out what to do with the empty walls in your baby’s room. 

11 Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

You’ve probably seen pictures of beautifully put-together baby nurseries with a cohesive color scheme and wall art that complements the theme. Or perhaps the Pinterest boards of a modern kid’s room with neutral paint colors and practical wall decor catch your eye. Whatever design style speaks to you, we have great ideas to help you create the perfect nursery for your little one. 


Out with the old way of thinking that a baby boy’s room should be blue and a baby girl’s room should be pink. More often, parents are choosing to create a gender-neutral nursery for their children whether they know the sex of their baby or not. Starting with a beige or gray color palette allows you to add bold patterns to the wall or small pops of color on the shelves. Nursery furniture like The Glider Plus offers neutral color options like gray and ivory or a boucle fabric to complete the gender-neutral nursery. 

Boho Style

Along the same lines as a gender-neutral nursery is a boho-style bedroom for your littlest boy or girl. A boho nursery often includes earthy colors and textures that are calming to parents and babies. Paint shades of brown or green will give a bohemian look and a macrame wall hanging or rattan-framed mirror can carry the theme up onto the walls. Both The Dresser and The Crib from Nurture& can be found in a natural oak veneer finish that matches your boho nursery. 

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Nature Theme

Babies and nature seem to go hand-in-hand. Plants, animals, and outdoor scenescapes fit in with the trendy earth tones of many baby items on the market right now. An elaborate wall mural that depicts a rainforest, the ocean floor, or a starry night sky is a fun way to personalize a one-of-a-kind nursery for your little one. The Glider in a deep navy color complements an underwater theme while The Crib in the green shade of sage could blend in with a jungle setting. 

Bright Colors

Bold and bright color choices for your nursery walls set the stage for a room that’s fun and exciting. Light up your baby’s bedroom with a monochrome theme in your favorite color or use bright nursery wall art to make an accent wall pop. Bold black-and-white combinations can stand on their own or pair well with almost any other color. An essential piece of nursery furniture, The Crib by Nurture& comes in six different color options so you can find the right one to blend in or stand out in your baby’s room. 

Art Prints and Wall Decals

Painting the walls is a grand display of the color palette in the nursery, but it can also feel a little too permanent for some parents. Consider constructing your design around art prints or wall decals for quick access to move pieces whenever you like. Nursery wall art prints come in many forms. Family portraits, drawings, or small paintings are usually lightweight and can be hung up with sticky hooks or double-sided tape that doesn’t damage the nursery walls. 

Likewise, decal stickers add flair to the bedroom walls while still being easy to remove and replace. Include a white nursery dresser or crib to keep the focus on the wall art and avoid making the room feel too busy.

Baby Girl

Traditional color schemes for baby girl nurseries revolve around a soft pastel pink, but it doesn’t have to end there. If you like the idea of a pink bedroom for your little girl, try incorporating a darker shade of pink decor against a lighter shade of pink on the wall. White, gray, and gold also pair well with pink and keep the same gentle ambiance to the room. To match your pink theme, check out The Crib and The Daybed in a beautiful blush pink for your daughter’s room.

Baby Boy

Shades of blue may be the perfect fit for your son’s room. A light, pastel baby blue is typically a go-to for many baby boy nurseries. Add dimension and warmth with accents of dark, navy blue or contrast with bright white. Either way, you can create a strong, classic look with blue in your boy’s bedroom. When filling your baby boy’s room with furniture, you’ll find The Crib comes in a navy blue that adds a unique character to the nursery. 


Do words like, subtle, silky, and whimsical,  describe the nursery wall color you’re imagining? If so, watercolors might be just what you’re looking for. Any muted, flowy colors can provide a nursery with a mellow atmosphere soothing to your baby. Nursery wall decor that incorporates clouds or rainbows would pair well with this color palette. The PlayPad Circle enhances this modest nursery theme with its comfortable, cushioned support and rounded edges. 


Take up vertical space in the nursery with a standing bookshelf or hanging wall shelves. Bookshelves can hold small room decor pieces and daily-use items for the perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality. You could dedicate a whole wall to shelving or use a bookshelf to fill the gaps of bare walls between windows or in corners of the room. The Bookshelf from Nurture& has an open, modern design to hold books and other items of all different sizes in your little one’s nursery.

There are some safety measures that should be used to prevent any kind of accident in case of unexpected movements or any other problem. An important safety practice is to fix the shelving to the wall so that it is secure and does not move in case of any unforeseen event. Another is to avoid placing objects that could be dangerous if they fall. 

Gallery Wall

An entire wall dedicated to pictures, paintings, or prints establishes a playful design in your baby’s nursery. You may choose to build a gallery wall with a collage of family photos, pictures with stimulating colors and educational images, or any nursery prints that follow along with the theme of the room. A gallery wall as the main room decor allows you to fill the rest of the room with essential nursery furniture and baby supplies. 

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Accent Wall

Simply put, an accent wall is one wall in the room that’s different from the rest. Something about the accent wall stands out—the color, the design, or the decor. A bold paint color on one wall can help give depth to a small nursery, and intricately patterned wallpaper can turn a basic bedroom into an elegant suite. A nursery accent wall could be crafted in one DIY weekend leaving you with a room that looks brand new without breaking the bank. 

Tips for Choosing Nursery Wall Decor

Decorating your baby’s first bedroom should be a fun experience. You want to create an enjoyable space for you and your little one—you’re both likely to spend a lot of time in the nursery. To avoid getting overwhelmed or frustrated, keep these tips in mind before you go shopping. 

Pick a Theme

Come up with a general idea of what colors, characters, or patterns you like and want to incorporate in the nursery. Check out these top nursery room ideas and save pictures that inspire you. It’s best to select a theme before you start your nursery setup for all the pieces you select to fit together. 

Choose a Focal Point

Decide what you want the focal point of the room to be—a large piece of artwork, a plaque with your baby’s name, or a patterned accent wall. Selecting the focal point of the room will help the design of the room fall into place. You can arrange your nursery furniture and other decor pieces based on the flow of the room. 

Select a Color Scheme

The colors of your nursery walls and room decor will greatly impact the overall vibe of the room. Consider the space you have to work with and the atmosphere you want to create in the room. Light colors open up a small space, deep tones bring warmth to the room, muted hues offer a touch of whimsy, and vivid shades can create a sense of energy. 

Mix and Match

Change up your selection of sizes, textures, and shades of colors when choosing your wall decor. Even slight differences in decorative pieces that complement each other can add dimension to the room. Keep pictures and measurements of the nursery and other decor with you when you’re buying new items to make sure they fit well together. 

Personalize the Space

You can show your unique love for your child in personalized or hand-made pieces of decor in their room. Most personalized room decor can be saved as a keepsake or used in their room throughout childhood even when their interests change as they grow older. 

Get Creative

Let your creativity flow! The possibilities are only limited to what you can imagine. You have complete creative control over the look and feel of your baby’s nursery—until they grow into toddlers with opinions. Add your charm and personality to the room to create a space you love to be in with your baby.

At Nurture&, we want to help you design the perfect nursery for your baby with top-quality furniture. You can find our entire collection of nursery essentials made for parents, by parents in our online store. Scroll through Our Journal for even more nursery ideas. 

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