8 Great Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

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Your baby’s room is where you and your little one will spend a lot of time, so styling a space that suits you both is a must. From the paint colors on the walls to the furniture you’ll use daily, you want a nursery room that’s practical and easy on the eyes. If you’re having trouble picking—or sticking to—a nursery theme, consider these gender-neutral design ideas to help you get your baby’s room ready.

What Are the Best Colors for a Gender-neutral Nursery?

The color scheme of your baby’s nursery will set the tone for the overall atmosphere of the room. It can impact your mood and how often you want to be in the space. A gender-neutral color palette will help you create a calming space that’s comfortable for you and your baby.

Consider these suggestions for paint color and nursery decor:

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Smooth Gray

Gray is a timeless neutral color. It’s a great base to build on since it pairs well with almost any other accent color. You may choose a light shade of gray on the walls to help a small room feel bigger, yet warm. Include a dark gray daybed and storage ottoman to create a cozy seating area in the nursery.

Bright White

Classic white walls in your baby’s room allow for a variety of decor and nursery furniture options. You could add white furniture for a monochrome theme that’s bright and fresh, or use white to accompany a pop of color on an accent wall. If you like the idea of a white nursery, but you’re worried about messes, check out the seating options from Nurture& which come in a warm ivory white and are made with stain-resistant fabric for easy cleaning.

Complementary Beige

The neutral hue of beige is compatible with any room—including your baby’s nursery. Beige brings warmth to a gender-neutral space no matter what accent pieces you add. Incorporate a crib with a natural finish and room decor with greenery to complete a beige look in a modern nursery.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are becoming a popular color scheme for kids’ rooms and baby products. Colors like sandy brown, ocean teal, and peachy coral give an earthy vibe to a nursery. With this neutral color palette, you can add natural wood furniture, like The Dresser from Nurture&, and rattan storage baskets to design a boho-style nursery room.

Soft Blue-gray

Upgrade from traditional baby blue to an elegant, deep blue with gray undertones in a gender-neutral nursery. When mixed with brighter colors, gray helps to soften the hue.

A blue-gray paint color will make light-colored wall art or decals stand out as the focal point of the room. Add a few navy pieceslike a throw blanket or pillow—to this muted blue and create a sleep environment that’s soothing for baby boys or baby girls.

Sage Green

This earth tone deserves a special mention. Sage green is a gender-neutral paint color that can be incorporated in many ways. It’s the perfect color to accompany an animal theme or as a standalone shade for a calm, minimalist atmosphere. A sage green crib gives a personalized look to the nursery without overwhelming the room.

Pastel Pink

Bring a touch of tenderness to the room with pastel pink. Pink can be a powerful color, but when you don’t go overboard, it establishes a soft ambiance in a neutral nursery design. Consider choosing a light pink area rug or a blush-colored crib for your baby’s room. A pink crib sheet can also give a subtle splash of color to the nursery.

Golden Yellow

A sunshine shade of golden yellow brings the perfect combo of joy and energy to a room. When designing a gender-neutral space, golden yellow is best used as accent pieces in nursery decor. You might consider this happy burst of color as the theme of art displayed on a gallery wall. A room with a golden yellow color scheme is a great place for your little one to stretch out and play on a cushioned play mat.

What Is a Gender-neutral Nursery?

Many parents prefer not to find out the gender of their baby before they’re born but still want to be prepared before they bring their newborn home. Creating a gender-neutral nursery allows you to fully set up everything you need for you and your new baby in those early postpartum weeks without committing to bold colors that are typically more masculine or feminine.

Besides the use of neutral colors, a neutral nursery decor that incorporates simple patterns, textures, and furniture can be easily adapted to a different design style at a later time. Gender-neutral nurseries are normally more aesthetically pleasing to the parents and caregivers who regularly spend time in the room—making it more likely to get practical use out of the space.

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What Are the Benefits of a Gender-neutral Nursery?

Neutral colors and nursery decor in your baby’s room are beneficial financially, environmentally, and to your mental and emotional health.

If you’re just starting your journey to growing your family, creating a gender-neutral nursery allows the same room to be used for all of your future babies. You won’t need to repaint and refurnish the nursery for each new addition when you’ve already created a style that’s complementary to baby boy or baby girl accessories.

When you can reuse nursery furniture and decor as your family grows, you’re also reducing waste and minimizing a negative impact on the environment.

Psychologically, neutral colors have a relaxing effect on adults and babies, lowering stress levels and promoting better sleep. A neutral color scheme is less overwhelming to babies and helps them feel safe and secure as they learn, play and grow in their new space.

Nurture& wants to help you create a nursery that you and your baby will love! Explore our virtual store for premium nursery furniture and baby essentials that will complete your gender-neutral nursery design. You can look in our Journal to find more ideas for your baby’s room.

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