Rocking Chair Benefits from Pregnancy to Toddlerhood

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Rocking chairs aren’t just a classic and beloved piece of furniture. They’re also a wonderful tool for increasing the well-being of newborns, toddlers and pregnant women. This makes it a great addition to any nursery.

Continue reading to learn the benefits of using these chairs in these important stages of life.

Benefits of Using a Rocking Chair during Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body, emotions, and lifestyle. You may experience some discomfort, pain or stress during this period. Sitting and resting in a rocking chair can help you ease some of these symptoms and improve your well-being. 

Other benefits of using a rocking chair during pregnancy are:

Strengthens the Bond

The time you spend talking, singing and reading to your unborn baby in a rocking chair can help you feel more confident and ready for motherhood.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

The rocking motion helps can create a calming effect and release endorphins , which improves your mood and reduces stress, anxiety and tension .

Enhances Blood Circulation

The chair’s gentle motion stimulates blood flow throughout the body. This can prevent blood from pooling in your lower extremities, decreasing pregnancy swelling ; it can also lower your heart rate.

Rocking Chair Benefits

Corrects Posture

Sitting in a rocker activates your core muscles by increasing muscle tone in your back and stomach; this in turn helps you maintain your balance and alignment, which can be affected during pregnancy.

Prevents Varicose Veins

After a long day standing, the rocking movement can help prevent the development ofvaricose veins , which are swollen and twisted veins that appear on the legs, by improving blood flow and alleviating the pressure.

Prevents  Varicose Veins

Improves Sleep Quality

Rocking in a chair can help promote relaxation, which may improve your quality of sleep if you struggle to get comfortable at night.

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Relieves Back Pain

A rocking chair can provide some relief for pregnant women with back pain by reducing the compression of the discs and nerves of the back.

Benefits of Using a Rocking Chair during the Postpartum Stage and with Your Baby

This is the time when you welcome your new baby into your life. It can be a bit hectic, but a rocking chair is a great way to support you and your baby while you start your motherhood journey. Here are some benefits of using a rocking chair during this stage:

Labor and Recovery

Using a rocker after childbirth improves balance and blood flow , relieving postpartum muscle aches. This can help you return to your pre-pregnancy state as soon as possible.

Cesarean Recovery

According to the American Pregnancy Association , rocking in a chair can help speed recovery after abdominal surgeries such as a C-section.

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding Station

After your baby’s arrival, a rocking chair can serve as a  breastfeeding or bottle feeding  station, as it creates a cozy and relaxing environment. It’s also a great way to calm a fussy baby down.

Bottle Feeding Station

Enhances Motor Development

The rocking motions can stimulate your baby’s nervous system and vestibular system , which helps them develop a sense of balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, which are essential for their motor skills .

Rocking Chair

Benefits of Using a Rocking Chair during Toddlerhood

Toddlers are curious, energetic, and constantly learning new things. They also need a lot of care, attention, and comfort. A rocking chair can be a great ally to help you care for your little one. Here are some benefits of using a rocking chair during toddlerhood:

Comfort and Relaxation

A rocking chair can help soothe your toddler when they’re feeling fussy, tired or overwhelmed.

Bonding and Connection

Rocking with your toddler can cultivate a deep connection between the two of you. This close physical contact nurtures feelings of safety and builds a foundation of trust.


Sensory Stimulation

The rocking movements can help improve your toddler’s coordination, balance and body awareness by engaging their vestibular system.

Relief from Discomfort

A rocker can provide relief from common discomforts such as teething or mild tummy issues, as it may help distract your child from the discomfort and provide a sense of relief.

Fun Place

For children, a rocking chair can be a source of hours of enjoyment . Your child can use it as a toy, a prop, or a stage for their creative play!

Rocking Chair Benefits


Rocking chairs are usually built with child-friendly materials to prevent possible accidents. They have smooth edges, sturdy frames and stable bases. Still, make sure you supervise your child whenever they’re using a rocking chair.

Sleep Aid

Rocking chairs are particularly useful for establishing a bedtime routine, making it easier for toddlers to transition into a restful sleep in their bed.

Which Is Better for Pregnancy: a Glider Recliner or a Rocking Chair?

Choosing the best type of chair for you and your baby will depend on your personal preferences, budget, lifestyle and living space. Rocking chairs are a classic option that many expecting parents prefer because they can be more affordable and easy to find.

Glider recliners are chairs that move back and forth in a smooth, gliding motion, instead of in an arch, like rocking chairs. Gilders are a great option if you’re looking for a more modern look and the latest technology and features.

Both gliders and rockers have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they generally have the same health benefits: decreasing stress and anxiety, improving balance, relieving gastrointestinal discomfort, and pain relief.

Nurture& designs premium, modern rocking chairs and gliders that are designed with features to maximize comfort during the moments you need it most. In addition to their award-winning seating collection, Nurture& also offers premium and sustainably-sourced nursery furniture designed for parents, by parents.


Does a Rocking Chair Help Labor?

A rocking chair can be very helpful at the time of labor, as the rhythmic movements can be relaxing and soothing. The gentle rocking motion can help you cope with the pain and intensity of the uterine contractions.

Rocking can also help your baby move into a better position for delivery, by stimulating the pelvic muscles and encouraging the descent of the baby. This can reduce the risk of complications such as prolonged labor and fetal distress.

However, this is not a substitute for the guidance and care of a healthcare professional. You should always consult your doctor or midwife before using a rocking chair during labor.

Is a Rocking Chair Good for a Baby?

Rocking chairs are a great addition to any nursery , since they are very beneficial for babies: they have a calming effect, offer feeding support, and are great for improving sleep quality and quantity.

Are you excited about the benefits of using a rocking chair? At Nurture& we have The Rocking Chair , a modern twist on the classic rocking chair that adapts to your style and needs. If you’re still not convinced and want to explore more options, check out our Seating Collection! .

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