The Best Wearable Breast Pumps For 2024

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Pumped breastmilk is a great way to provide your little one with nutrient-dense liquid gold. In 2024, it’s never been a more convenient time to express your breastmilk with a hands-free, wearable breast pump

Considering a wide range of prices and reviews from been-there-done-that moms, we’ve created a list of the best wearable breast pumps for you to choose from.

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The 10 Best Wearable Breast Pumps

A wearable breast pump may flourish ideas of multitasking while pumping breastmilk for your baby, but sometimes you need to relax while you pump. A comfortable place to sit down gives you a break during a busy day and can also help stimulate milk production.

The Nurture& collection offers a premium selection of cozy and supportive seating. Spend your pumping session resting in a glider or rocking chair designed specifically for new parents' needs.

Take a look at our list of the top 10 wearable breast pumps.

Elvie Pump

Best known for being quiet and discreet, the Elvie Breast Pump is a popular option. It has a slim shape to fit comfortably within your bra and automatically switches from stimulation mode to expression mode when it detects letdown. 

Elvie Breast Pump syncs with an app on your phone to give you a real-time report of your milk output.

  • Price on Amazon: $550

  • Capacity: 5 oz/ 150 ml

  • Flanges: 21, 24, and 28 mm.

Elvie  breast pump

Freemie Liberty II Deluxe

The Freemie Liberty II Deluxe is lightweight and rechargeable. The Freemie collection cups fit inside your bra and can hold up to 8 oz of breast milk. 

The pump motor is powerful enough to offer hospital-grade suction , but quiet enough to use discreetly in public.

  • Price on Amazon: $130

  • Capacity: 8 oz

  • Flanges: 25 and 28 mm.

Freemie Liberty II

Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle double electric pump mimics a baby’s natural suckling for an effective milk expression. The collection cups are lightweight and designed with a wide bottom half to support the breast while pumping. 

You can connect to the Medela Family app to track your pumping progress.

  • Price on Amazon: $264

  • Capacity: 5 oz

  • Flanges: 21 and 24 mm.

Medella Freestyle

Willow Go

You can pump completely cord-free with the Willow Go wearable breast pump. The rechargeable battery will last up to three pumping sessions to conveniently pump on the go. Use the Willow app to control your wireless breast pump and connect with experts when you need support. 

This Willow pump is dishwasher friendly for easy clean up.

  • Price on Amazon: $340

  • Capacity: 5 oz

  • 21 and 24 mm.

Willow Go

Momcozy S12 Pro

The  Momcozy S12 Pro sits concealed within your bra and doesn’t require wires or plugs to use. The silicone, double-sealed flange creates a comfortable fit with leak-proof suction. 

A smart display on top of this wearable breast pump allows you to keep track of pumping time and customize your preferred settings. One full charge can last for 7-8 pumping sessions!

  • Price on Amazon: $190

  • Capacity: 5 oz

  • Flange: 24 mm.

Momcozy S12 Pro

Willow 3.0

For all the active moms, the Willow 3.0 gives you 100% leak-proof pumping in any position. This battery-powered breast pump will last up to five pumping sessions before recharging and includes dishwasher-safe collection cups. 

You have control of your Willow 3.0 wearable pump with the Willow app that’s also compatible with your Apple Watch.

  • Price on Amazon: $500

  • Capacity: 4 oz

  • Flanges: 24 mm.

Willow 3.0

Elvie Stride

Another hospital-grade pumping option is the Elvie Stride. This hands-free breast pump boasts its lightweight cups and noise-reduction technology that keeps the machine quiet enough to hear a droplet of milk fall. 

You have control of 10 different suction levels within the Elvie Stride app.

  • Price on Amazon: $270

  • Capacity: 5 oz

  • Flanges: 24 mm.

elvie stride

Legendairy Milk Imani i2 Plus

The Imani i2 Plus is a wireless, portable breast pump made with silicone breast shields for a natural fit. 

This pump may have a bulkier fit than some of its competitors but holds up to 7 oz of breast milk in each cup for efficient expression. 

With a full charge, the Imani i2 Plus can be used for 5-6 pumping sessions.

  • Price on Amazon: $150

  • Capacity: 7 oz

  • Flanges: 25 mm.

Legendairy Milk Imani

Baby Buddha

Put on your favorite pumping bra and collect your breast milk directly into your baby’s bottles with the Baby Buddha hands-free breast pump

This machine is small enough to attach to a lanyard and wear around your neck. You can easily navigate the digital display to switch between massage and suction while pumping.

  • Price on Amazon: $200

  • Capacity: 5 oz

  • Flanges: 24 mm.

Baby Buddha

Haakaa Wearable Manual Breast Pump

This manual silicone pump uses natural suction to attach to the breast and collect your breast milk. The Haakaa Wearable Breast Pump is completely silent and fits discreetly inside your bra. 

When breastfeeding your baby, use the Haakaa to catch letdown from the opposite breast. It also comes in handy when relieving a clogged milk duct. 

The shell shape of the wearable Haakaa keeps squirmy baby feet from kicking and knocking the suction pump out of place.

  • Price on Amazon: $36

  • Capacity: 4 oz.

Haakaa Wearable Manual Breast Pump

Why Consider a Wearable Breast Pump?

Pumping breast milk is a route that many moms choose when it comes to feeding their babies. Some women feed their babies exclusively with pumped milk or use it in addition to breastfeeding or formula feeding. 

Whatever your situation, a wearable breast pump can make pumping sessions feel less like a chore.

There’s no arguing that breastfeeding is incredibly convenient. You can breastfeed your baby anywhere on demand without any prep work or cleanup. But there may be many reasons why moms choose not to breastfeed and prefer pumping their breast milk instead. 

Using a breast pump may be less painful than breastfeeding a baby with a poor latch or who has learned to bite with their first few teeth. Pumping your breast milk is also a great way to keep track of the actual number of ounces your baby consumes in a day and gives other caregivers the ability to feed the baby.

A traditional pump requires sitting next to a bulky machine plugged into the wall. Staying in one spot for the entire pumping session is not always easy when you have a baby. 

For moms returning to work or on the go with older kids, carrying the machine, tubes, cords, and other pump parts around with you is a hassle.

A wearable breast pump gives you the freedom to keep moving as you pump. Much like breastfeeding, you can use a hands-free breast pump anytime and anywhere.

Finding a breast pump that fits your lifestyle is important, and it’s equally as crucial to set up a calm environment where you can relax during some of your pumping sessions. Quality rest is one of many healthy habits that contribute to maintaining your milk supply. 

Set up a nursing station in your home where you can comfortably breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, and use your breast pump.

A seat with power recline and an adjustable headrest like the Glider Plus will support you in the proper position for pumping sessions. Keep the Feeding Pillow within reach to help hold your baby as you feed them and give your arms a break.

What to Look for in a Wearable Breast Pump

Although many wearable pumps may seem similar, there are some key details to take note of before making your purchase.

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Electric breast pumps often come with a warranty that guarantees the product for a few months or years when you buy it directly from the company or a reputable retailer.


Breast pumps come in a wide range of prices. Check that the pump has your most needed features before paying a high cost. Your insurance plan may fully cover a traditional pump and may work with you on covering the cost of a wearable breast pump.

Flange Sizes

A wearable breast pump will come with a set of flanges in one or two different sizes—usually 21, 24, or 28mm. Measure your nipple in millimeters with a fabric measuring tape or nipple ruler then add 4 mm to find your flange size

Using the incorrect size can cause pain or inefficient milk expression when pumping.

Dishwasher Safe

Keeping your pump parts clean is critical to providing your baby with safe breast milk and preserving the integrity of your breast pump. A breast pump with dishwasher-safe parts will make it easy to keep up with cleaning.

Suction Power

Look for a breast pump that offers hospital-grade suction to ensure it fully expresses all the milk from your breast at each pumping session. Many wearable breast pumps have varying levels of suction power and rhythm for customizable settings.

Battery Life

Before buying, consider how you’ll use your wearable breast pump and what kind of battery life you expect. Different brands and models can have a battery life that accommodates between threeand eightpumping sessions

If you plan to use your pump mostly at home, you might be able to recharge more often. If you have a long-distance trip coming up, a rechargeable pump with a longer battery life will be better.


Veteran moms can be a wealth of knowledge when researching which breast pumps work well and which ones don’t. 

Scrolling through the most recent product reviews can draw your attention to issues you hadn’t considered, or validate your favorite choice.

How to Create a Feeding Station

It’s not only breastfeeding moms who benefit from a feeding station. Designating an area in your home to pump breast milk and feed your baby, will help you create a functional and enjoyable routine.

A nursing station or feeding station is your go-to spot for bonding with your baby while they eat and keeping your feeding supplies organized. 

Imagine a corner of your baby’s nursery with a glider chair next to a dimly lit lamp on top of a dresser that holds everything you need within reach. A setup like this will make pumping or feeding a stress-free experience.

feeding station


Are Breast Pumps Worth It?

This answer will be different for every mom. Consider your breastfeeding experience so far, your goals for pumping, and your budget to help you decide. If you’re struggling with your decision, reach out to a local lactation consultant for advice.

Do Wearable Breast Pumps Actually Work?

Yes, they do! Many moms find that hands-free pumps are ideal for their busy lives compared to traditional pumps.

Do You Need to Wear a Nursing Bra with a Wearable Breast Pump?

It’s not necessary to wear a nursing bra when using the pump, but nursing bras often have more adjustability than regular bras. Since you want the bra to hold the pump in place, a snug but comfortable-fitting bra is best. Nursing bras, sports bras, or wireless sleep bras may work well with a wearable breast pump.

Can I Use a Wearable Breast Pump While I Work or Travel?

Yes! These types of breast pumps were made to be used discreetly and on the go. The rechargeable battery means you can use your wearable breast pump anywhere without cords and plugs tying you down.

Is There a Wearable Breast Pump with No Leaks?

The Willow 3.0 claims 100% leak-proof pumping in any position.

What Is the Battery Life of Wearable Pumps?

The battery life of rechargeable breast pumps varies from 150-240 minutes or between three and eight pumping sessions. Each brand and model of pumps are different.

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