20 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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Documenting apregnant woman’s journey through pictures creates lasting memories for the whole family. If you’re pregnant and looking for inspiration, or you’re the photographer for an upcoming photo session, you can use these maternity photoshoot ideas to get the best pics possible.

20 of the Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

From sweet and serious to fun and silly, you can take pregnancy pictures that express your personality and the depths of your motherhood journey. Try a variety of poses, incorporate props, and include your partner or other family members.

Use these pregnancy photoshoot ideas to get started.

Embrace Your Pregnant Belly

Sit or stand in this maternal pose with your arms wrapped around your belly. Your partner can overlap their arms for a close embrace from behind or cup their hands below your belly as you stand face-to-face. Smile at the camera or gaze down at your baby bump for a picture that encompasses the joy and love of pregnancy .

Wear Matching Outfits.

Mam hugging a wife

Choose a light color or subtle print to dress you and the father-to-be for a cohesive look in your maternity photos. You might wear a pale pink or blue to hint at the gender of your baby. Consider sticking to neutral earth tones if you’re planning an outdoor photoshoot or colors that compliment the studio setup if you’re indoors.

Pose in the Nursery

Get cozy sitting in your nursery glider or stand next to the crib with your partner to capture the anticipation of your little one’s arrival. Wear a flowy dress or outfit that matches the color scheme of the nursery for a photo that radiates comfort. Not only will you preserve the memory of your pregnancy, but also what your baby’s first bedroom looked like.

Show Your Intimate Moments

baking a cae
couple hug

Share a kiss with your husband, look deep into the eyes of your partner, or take a candid pic of you and your significant other doing an activity together. A close-up of the two of you laying face to face with your baby bump between you portrays a truly intimate moment.

Bring in Your Other Babies

family fun
mom and daugther

No matter how old your children are, becoming a big brother or sister is an exciting moment for them, too. Snap a shot of your family as it is now with smiles all around. Consider a mix of candid and posed pictures to let everyone’s personalities shine through. You can have your older child kiss or touch your belly to remember the first moments of their sibling bond—you might even capture their reaction to feeling the baby kick!

Explore The Nursery

Take Pictures with Your Pets.

pregnant with dog
funny dog

Pictures with your fur babies can be a fun addition to your maternity photoshoot. Cats and dogs have been know to be protective and cuddly when their owner becomes an expectant mother. Take this opportunity to document your bond with your furry friend.

Try a Classic Black-and-white Look

couple waiting for their baby
women pregnant

Blow Up Balloons

family party

A bundle of balloons in your maternity pictures symbolizes the celebration of the new addition to your family. You might pick a color that represents the gender of your baby or a single balloon with the word “baby”. Holding balloons is a fun way to get your older kids involved in the pictures and is sure to bring out a smile.

Make It a Family Photo

family in a field
women hug

Include your whole family in your pregnancy photoshoot. Capture this special time for your family when you have your spouse and children, adult siblings, parents, or grandparents participate in the pictures. You might want a relaxed photo at home on the couch or a playful pose in an open outdoor space.

Photograph Your Gender Reveal.

mom taking baby clothes
family celebration

If you’re finding out the sex of your baby during your pregnancy, tell your friends and family about your baby boy or baby girl with a gender reveal photoshoot . You can find a maternity dress in pink or blue, pop a confetti cannon, or pose with baby clothes.

Use Your Ultrasound Picture

mom with ultrasound
couple with pregnant ultrasound

Hold the printout of your ultrasound pictures in your photos as you document your pregnancy journey. You can send snapshots of you and your partner holding ultrasound prints as a pregnancy announcement to your family and friends.

Paint or Decorate Your Growing Belly.

pregnant belly
pregnant  body

Tap into your creative side and decorate your baby bump. Create an intricate pattern with body paint that highlights the beauty of your growing belly , or use the colors of the rainbow to symbolize the rainbow after the storm that expecting mothers feel when they experience pregnancy after a loss. You can make use of nature’s decor with flowers and leaves to add soft, elevated touches on or around your bump.

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Make the Most of the Golden Hour.

mom taking a sun bath
pregnant woman in the sun

Maternity photographers love to take advantage of the amber hue of natural light that shines just after sunrise and just before sunset . The golden hour gives a warm ambiance to your outdoor pregnancy pictures and casts shadows that give depth to the photos. This is the perfect way to capture a silhouette shot with the low sun glowing behind you.

Combine a Natural and Regal Look with a Flower Crown

Pregnant wiht natural crown

Adorn your head with a flower crown while you pose for maternity pictures surrounded by nature. Stand in a blooming field or sit on a grassy tuffet to encompass the beauty of your blossoming journey to motherhood. A flower crown pairs perfectly with a long maternity gown or a flowing dress that shows off your bare bump.

Hold Hands with Your Partner

hold hands

Capture a close-up photo of you and your partner holding hands. You can stand back-to-back or side-by-side with your pregnant belly off-center in the picture. With your hands hanging between you, hold a pair of baby shoes to signify your unity as a couple entering into this parenting journey together.

Show Some Skin

man kissing belly
pregnant in a field

Reveal the sensual side of your pregnant body with a boudoir-style photoshoot. Dress in lingerie or cover yourself in a sheer fabric and show off as much or as little skin as you want. Get your partner involved to create beautiful personal keepsakes to remember the miracle of how your body changed to grow your sweet baby.

Soak in a Milk Bath .

soak in a mil bath

A popular choice in maternity photography is Mama relaxing in a milk bath. Adding milk to a warm bath creates an opaque backdrop that you can sink into. Your belly will stand out above the milky water and you can add pops of color with floating flowers or citrus slices surrounding you.

Wade in the Water

wade in the water
water pregnancy

An ocean, lake, or stream provides an alluring background in a natural setting. Pregnancy pictures in water offer a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. Don’t be afraid to splash around or let your long, flowy gown dip into the water.

Zoom in on Your Belly

zoom in the pregnant belly
belly shapes

Let your baby be the focus of the picture with only your belly in the frame. A fitted top or dress will accentuate the curve of your baby bump in the best way. You and your partner can make a heart shape with your hands or gently support your belly with your hands below.

Find Fun Props

future parents learning
toys for a baby

Get creative with props in your maternity photos. Snap a shot of you and your partner reading a book for expectant parents . Pose with blocks or a letter board that spells out your baby’s name or gender. Give a shocked expression while holding an alarm clock to show that your pregnancy time is almost up or a calendar with your due date circled. The possibilities are endless!

These are just some of the ways you can personalize your pregnancy photoshoot. Let your maternity photographer know ahead of time what kind of pics you want to make sure to capture, but be willing to go with the flow as new ideas are inspired by your support people and surroundings.


How Many Weeks Pregnant Should I Be When I Take My Maternity Pictures ?

Many moms-to-be like to schedule a maternity photoshoot between weeks 28 and 36 of pregnancy. By this time you should have a round baby bump to show off in pictures, but not too close to your due date that you’d worry about going into labor during your photo session.

Is It Worth It to Take Maternity Photos?

Every family’s preferences are different, but a maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to preserve the memories of this special time in your life. Each pregnancy journey is worth celebrating, and your children will enjoy looking back on the photos from before they were born.

What Maternity Photo Poses Are Best?

To achieve the perfect picture, you should pose in a way that makes you feel comfortable . Good maternity photographers will help you find natural positions that ease you into authentic smiles and body posture. Accentuate your growing belly by cradling your arms around your bump and capturing your side profile. Pose with props like baby shoes or your ultrasound prints to add charm to your pregnancy pictures.

What Is the Cost of Maternity Photos?

The price for a professional photographer to take your maternity pictures can vary greatly. Expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $1000. Most experienced maternity photographers have different packages available based on time, location, outfit changes, and number of people. If budget is an issue, consider asking a friend or family member to be your photographer for a lesser fee or the promise to repay them with a special meal or gift.

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Alyssa Larsen

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