10 Food Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

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Are you expecting a baby boy or a baby girl? A gender reveal party is a fun way to share the big news with your loved ones and celebrate your sweet baby! And no party is complete without tasty snacks and delicious treats. These gender-reveal party food ideas will enhance the aesthetic of your event and delight your guests’ tastebuds.

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Food Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

A main component of organizing a gender reveal party is planning and prepping the food. Appetizers and finger foods are great options for this type of casual event. Pink and blue are the traditional hues for a gender reveal party, but you can get creative with foods in colors that match the party’s theme—and be sure to include the mom-to-be’s pregnancy cravings on the menu.

From salty to sweet to something to drink, consider these food ideas for your gender reveal.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Pretzels

Chocolate Covered  Strawberries and  Pretzels

Drizzle chocolate over strawberries or dip pretzel rods into colorful chocolate candy melts that match the party’s theme. Set up a chocolate fountain to let guests coat other fruits or marshmallows as well.



These tiny, chocolate-coated candies make great edible table decor for your gender reveal party. You can personalize M&M’s with an order of specific colors and add an image or text.



Frosted donuts are a popular sweet treat for parties. Stack mini donuts on a cake stand or show off donuts designed in different colors on a pegboard wall. Choose donuts that match the colors of the party or pick Mom’s favorite flavors !

Sugar Cookies


Cookies designed for your gender reveal party will be the star of the food table. Find a local cookie artist to discuss your ideas and flavors—it’s amazing what they can do with icing and sprinkles!

Cheesecake Bites


Bite-sized food is best for a gender reveal party that takes place between regular meal times. Cheesecake bites let you enjoy the classic creamy taste—no plate or fork required. Top your cheesecake bites with strawberries or blueberries to go along with your gender reveal theme.

Dyed Deviled Eggs

Add a savory snack to your menu with deviled eggs. Dye the egg whites with pink orblue foodcoloring for a cute spin on this party favorite. Eggs pickled in beet juice leave a pretty pink color, too, and might be just what Mama’s been craving!

Cotton Candy

cottom candy

Sweet, fluffy cotton candy is easy to find in shades of pink and blue. You can bag it up for guests to take home as a party favor, place it in clear containers for decor, or use it as garnish on top of a signature mocktail.



Speaking of drinks… Mix up a special mocktail that even the mom-to-be can enjoy. Try a pink drink with ginger ale and raspberry sherbet or a blue beverage of frozen jello slush with lemon-lime soda. You can find more mocktail recipes here , and remember every drink tastes better in a fancy glass.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits

A fruit platter will add a fresh flare to the table. Plate an assortment of fruits or separate them by color to display your gender reveal theme. Set out watermelon slices, strawberries, and raspberries to represent a baby girl, and blueberries and blackberries to symbolize a baby boy.

Ice Cream

ice cream

When you serve ice cream at your party, set up a toppings bar with sprinkles, syrups, candies, and cone crumbles so everyone can personalize their dessert.

Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

Most women who want to find out the gender of their baby can do so in their second trimester when an ultrasound is performed during a prenatal visit. The weeks leading up to this appointment is a great time to start planning your gender reveal party.

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Make sure to let your doctor and ultrasound technician know ahead of time if you want to know the baby’s gender during your appointment, or if you want to be surprised along with your party guests. Some couples prefer to find out together in an intimate setting beforehand and then have a party to reveal the big news to the rest of their family and friends.

If you’re waiting to be surprised at the gender reveal party, you’ll need to enlist the help of someone you can trust to make party plans without spoiling the surprise. You and your helper should discuss gender reveal food ideas and theme, as well as how you want the big reveal to take place.

Here are some fun ways you can find out your baby’s gender.

Gender Reveal Cake

gender reveal cake

The traditional gender reveal technique includes cutting into a cake to find out if you’re having a baby boy or a baby girl. The cake might be dyed pink in the middle for a girl, have layers of blue frosting for a boy, or be filled with pink or blue candy that spills out when you remove that first slice.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Cupcakes present the same idea as a gender reveal cake but allow your guests to participate in the reveal. Everyone at the party can take a bite out of their cupcake at the same time to find a pink or blue fruit jam center or frosting filling.

Surprise Cake Pops

surprise cake pops

Build anticipation in the room with a single surprise cake pop. Ask your guests to each take a cake pop and explain that only one of them contains the color of your baby’s gender. One at a time, every person at the party can bite into their cake pop and reveal whether they got the surprise filling!

Balloon Reveal

Balloon reveal

Balloons are a staple at every party, and what better way to announce the gender of your baby? Release helium balloons from a box so everyone can watch pink or blue balloons float up around you. You can also have a black balloon filled with colored confetti or glitter. Pop the balloon and see what color sprinkles to the ground.

Colored Confetti

colored confetti

If you’re having an outdoor event or you have a large indoor space, a confetti cannon brings an explosion of excitement to the party. All eyes will be on you as you pop the cannon and pink or blue confetti showers down around you.

Smoke Bombs

smoke bombs

Take the party outside to set off smoke bombs. The cloud of pink or blue smoke that rises in the air will tell you whether you’re expecting a baby girl or a baby boy—if you’re pregnant with twins you might find yourself holding one of each color!

Gender Reveal Piñata

gender reveal piñata

Get the kids involved in the big reveal with a piñata. Let them take turns hitting the piñata until blue or pink candy bursts out. You could skip the candy and fill your piñata with baby shower-themed table confetti that reads It’s a boy! Or It’s a girl!

Team Boy or Team Girl

Have all your friends and family take a vote before revealing the big news. Have everyone wear a pin displaying their prediction, fill their cup with a pink or blue drink, or add their tally to a chalkboard. Once everyone has picked a side, let your designated party helper make the announcement.

Combine Your Gender Reveal Party with Your Baby Shower

Merging your gender reveal and baby shower into one party can save you time and money when you only need to organize one event. This can be a great option if you have friends and family coming from out of town to celebrate with you.

You might plan a combined party at the end of your second trimester or the beginning of your third trimester when you’re far enough along for your doctor to determine your baby’s gender and you’re ready for all the gifts from a baby shower.

Even before you know the gender of your baby, you can organize a baby registry to keep track of what you need and let your guests know what kind of gifts you want.

Add these gender-neutral essentials to your registry before your big party.

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  • Baby items: Diapers, wipes, gender-neutral  onesies , and sleepers will work for all babies. Don’t forget to add towels, washcloths, sensitive baby soap, and lotion for bathtimes.

  • Baby gear: You’ll need an infant car seat before your little one arrives. It’s also helpful to have other big items like a stroller and highchair ahead of time.

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