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How Can I Make My Kids Room More Organized?

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Organizing your home makes it a more functional and pleasant space, and your kid’s room is no exception. It’s easy for your child’s room to become messy when it serves as their playroom, rest area, and study space, so practical storage solutions and clean-up hacks are key. We’ll help you get started with our best kid’s room organization ideas.

Kids Room Organization Ideas

When putting together your kid’s room, the furniture and storage options you choose are vital components of a clutter-free space. 

How you put those pieces together makes it manageable to keep the room tidy. From clothes to toys to decor, you can use these organization tips to design a room that’s easy to use and appealing to your child’s style.

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Take Inventory

Get eyes on what you have to work with and start decluttering. This means you need to empty containers and decide which items you want to keep and which can go. If this task sounds overwhelming, break the room up into sections. Go through all of your child’s toys, clothes, and books, and separate everything into piles to keep, donate, or trash. 

As you make your way through the sorting process, have a storage ottoman nearby to hold the items you’re keeping.

Compile the Clothes

Putting away clean laundry is much more manageable when every piece of clothing has a place to go. Dividing your kids’ clothes into separate sections can help you—and your children—put them in their place and find them again later. 

The Dresser from Nurture& has seven drawers for maximum storage, and also comes in a 4-drawer size to fit into a small space. Designate a drawer for each item of your kid’s clothing and keep the most frequently used pieces within reach.

Clean Up the Closet

Closets are ideal storage spaces but can become catch-alls when they’re not organized to their full potential. Even if your kid’s bedroom closet is housing their clothing on hangers, you can still incorporate more storage in your closet space. A floating shelf above the clothes rod is a great place to keep extra blankets or totes of out-of-season clothes. 

Complete the closet organization with a cubical storage unit that sits under the hanging clothes to hold shoes or storage bins in the cubbies.

Stock Up on Storage Baskets

Even without a cubby, bins and baskets are great storage solutions for small toys, hair accessories, socks, and collections. With all the different colors and designs available, you can find storage baskets that match the room’s theme. 

The more attractive they are to your child, the more likely they are to use them. Bins and baskets can easily be lifted and moved by kids, making them perfect for quickly tidying up bedrooms or playrooms on their own.

Think Like Your Child

See the room through your child’s eyes. Provide them with easy access to the drawers and bins that hold their favorite toys and—as hard as it can be—remove the things they’ve outgrown.

Organization can look fun and inviting when you add a touch of your kid’s personality to it. Paint shelves in their favorite color or try a DIY project that makes stuffed animal storage look like zoo cages. Older kids might have more of an opinion on how they want to use their room and this could be the perfect opportunity to bond over a collaboration of ideas.

Make the Most of the Wall Space

Shelves on the walls help to decrease floor clutter in your kid’s room. Work your way up the wall with open shelving for room decor, freeing up space on the flat surfaces in the room. Built-in shelves give you the ability to create a floor-to-ceiling wall of storage for books and board games without the worry of heavy furniture tipping over. 

Hanging baskets or macrame hammocks on the wall are great toy storage ideas to maintain clear floor space.

kids room wall

Utilize Storage Space Under the Bed

Under-bed storage works well for keeping items you don’t use regularly or things you want your child to have easy access to. You can find shallow, rolling totes that slide underneath most beds, or you can invest in a kid’s bed that is made for optimal bedroom organization.

The Kids Bed saves space in your child’s room with the option of trundle storage underneath. The sleek design of the storage trundle hides away under the twin-size Kids Bed and comes in three different colors that complement the bed.

kids bed storage under bed
kids bed

Create a Reading Nook

Reading with your child, and encouraging them to read on their own, is more enjoyable when they have a cozy reading nook in their room. Neatly line up your child’s books on a bookshelf near well-lit, comfortable seating like a reclining glider or daybed with pillows. An organized reading nook will help you create an appealing quiet zone in your child’s bedroom.

The Kids Bed

Switch Things Up With Pegboards

Another great use of wall space is to mount pegboards. This style of modular organization allows you to add small shelves, hooks, bins, and baskets to the pegboard with the ability to move or remove pieces at any time. This storage idea works well for art supplies, small decor, and homework organization. The versatility of pegboards gives you endless personalization options.

Separate the Room Into Zones

Your child’s bedroom might serve many different purposes throughout the day—playing in the morning, studying after school, and relaxing at night. Separating spaces within the room to accommodate each activity can help sustain the bedroom organization. You can use furniture, like an L-shaped desk to create a homework space in the corner of the room, while a bean bag and toy box are kept on the opposite side for playtime.

Take Up Vertical Space

In small rooms especially, the best organization ideas are the ones that help you find free floor space. You can create more space in your kid’s bedroom with bunk beds for a shared room or a loft bed with a desk or play area underneath. Some loft beds for younger kids are designed lower to the ground for safety, but still high enough to store toys and allow for room to play below the bed. Some raised beds come with built-in drawers or shelves for more storage.

kids bed room
kids bed room

Remember, Less Is More

Sometimes you don’t need to add more storage to the room, but use what you already have efficiently. Even after an initial decluttering, weeding out the toys and clothes your kid doesn’t use anymore will be an ongoing process. 

If decor is overwhelming the room, try adorning the space with your child’s Lego creations in a bookcase or drawings hung on a bulletin board. Styling the room around things they regularly use and play with gives them a personalized space without impractical extras.

Use these storage ideas and decluttering solutions to start organizing your kid’s room. Don’t forget, this is your kid’s room, so get them involved in the project. Your little ones can even learn to put away their toys and clothes when they help you fill the drawers and shelves of their newly organized room.

Nurture& has created thoughtfully designed furniture for the style, comfort, and organization solutions that modern families are looking for. We invite you to check out our premium collections as you prepare a nursery or big kid’s room that is perfect for your child. You can read more of our tips and ideas in Our Journal.

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Alyssa Larsen

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