What Is a Crunchy, Silky, or Scrunchy Mom? All You Need to Know!

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Are you a crunchy mom,silky mom, orscrunchy mom ? You may have heard these trendy terms on social media, but what do they actually mean? We’ll explain all you need to know about these parenting references and you can decide which kind of mom you are.

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What Is a Crunchy Mom?

A crunchy mom is a woman living a natural, holistic life that sets the tone for her parenting style. Although the term is newer, the crunchy mom way of life is similar to the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s that rejected mainstream culture.

Social media platforms like TikTok have exploded the popularity of the crunchy mom label to both criticize and praise the lifestyle. Describing moms who seek a natural approach as crunchy most likely comes from the stereotype that these moms make homemade granola. They may be lumped in with labels like “sad beige” parents.

What Is a Silky Mom?

The silky moms emerged in direct opposition to the crunchy moms. Silky moms embrace all that modern-day advances have to offer. These moms live a lifestyle of convenience and technology, which influences their parenting choices.

Screen time, processed foods, and disposable everything make a silky mom’s life easier. Silky moms and dads may be interested in the latest products and devices that help with parenting or are fun for their kids. 

Most often, the term is used positively by women who are self-proclaimed silky moms.

What Is a Scrunchy Mom?

Scrunchy moms are what you get when you mesh the crunchy and silky worlds together. Scrunchy moms may choose a natural approach to one aspect of parenting while choosing the modern convenience of another.

These moms may make homemade dinners with organic foods, but allow their children to eat processed snacks on the weekends. A scrunchy mom might use essential oils to calm her kids before bed, but keep up with the pediatrician's vaccine schedule. 

This choice is a blend of the best of both lifestyles and may feel more attainable for many parents.

Crunchy mom

Crunchy Mom vs Silky Mom

Crunchy parents and silky parents raise their children in clearly opposite ways. These examples will give you a general idea of what each side prefers, but not every crunchy or silky mom will agree with all of these ideas.



An unmedicated birth is the goal. A home birth or utilizing a birthing center with a midwife is ideal. Feeling the rhythms of contractions and being aware of each pain is empowering when bringing their little one into the world.


The less pain, the better. Planning a hospital birth may include letting the doctor know they want an epidural or other pain relief medication as soon as they’re able to receive it.

Infant Feeding


Exclusively breastfeeding or bottle-feeding breastmilk is the natural route for mom and baby. The health benefits and bonding that come with breastfeeding are most important.


Formula feeding provides babies with all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Bottle feeding also allows dads and other caregivers to feed and bond with the baby.

feeding a baby



Holistic medicines and home remedies are preferred. Vaccinations are avoided and moms are more likely to seek advice from older relatives for common medical needs than go to the doctor.


Moms see modern medicine as a gift. They trust their pediatrician to make the best medical decisions for their kids and are most likely up to date on all vaccinations.

Baby Food


Fresh organic foods blended into homemade purees are their baby’s first food. Some parents may introduce baby-led weaning early to expose their children to different tastes and textures as they explore new foods.


Jars of store-bought baby food are easy to stock up on as they begin to spoon-feed their little ones. Puree pouches are convenient for busy days on the go and give babies better control over feeding themselves.

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Non-toxic wooden toys are sustainable and don’t expose babies to harmful chemicals. Minimalistic toys that require the child’s imagination benefit brain development and motor skills.


Plastic toys are cost-effective and come in bright colors that babies and toddlers are attracted to. Learning toys with lights and sounds can teach kids about shapes, colors, and counting.



Cloth diapers are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin and leave less waste in landfills.


Disposable diapers make diaper changes quick when there are so many other parenting things to do.



Baby-wearing and co-sleeping help parents stay closely in tune with their baby’s needs. Both are convenient for breastfeeding on demand and keeping their little ones calm.


Setting the baby down in a bouncer, sleep training in the crib, and small intervals of the cry-it-out method help a baby learn that separation from mom and dad is okay.

Nursery Essentials


A neutral color palette and minimalistic, non-toxic furniture in the baby’s room are vital to creating a calm and healthy atmosphere.


Bright colors and patterns in a nursery stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination. Comfortable furniture with practical features is a priority.

Although there are many reasons why you might lean more toward one end of the spectrum than the other, many millennial moms seem to prefer the crunchy lifestyle. Millennials have taken credit for the idea of a gentle parenting approach to raising children that focuses more on emotional and mental health than previous generations.

While silky parents can practice gentle parenting, too, some might relate more to old-school methods of tough love and encouraging kids to adapt to the world outside their home as soon as possible. This kind of mindset typically leads to welcoming modern conveniences and a busy lifestyle.

Which Parenting Style Is Best for Me and My Baby?

There is no right or wrong way to parent your child. The best parenting style meets your baby’s needs and showers them with your love and devotion—however that looks in your family.

A good parent does what they believe is best with the information they have at the time. New moms and dads may frequently change things up as they learn and grow with each parenting experience. It’s important to discover what parenting style works well for you and your family and be flexible when things aren’t working out.

There are pros and cons to each extreme end of the spectrum. Crunchy moms might provide their children with organic homemade snacks, but struggle with burnout if it’s not something they truly enjoy. Silky moms could offer technology to their young kids, but fight a constant battle to find the right amount of screen time that doesn’t affect behavior at bedtime.

Crunchy parents and silky parents stand at opposite ends of most issues, but many parents fall somewhere in between, in the scrunchy zone. A balanced approach to parenting will help you make good decisions regarding your child’s health and well-being, and not just do things to maintain the crunchy or silky title.

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Alyssa Larsen

Alyssa Larsen

Alyssa Larsen is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for writing. Before starting her career as a freelance writer, Alyssa devoted all of her time to her family and raising her young children. The evolution of her motherhood journey and parenting experience inspires her work. She strives to always tell a story that is helpful and relatable to the person reading it. Alyssa lives in Ohio with her husband and four hilarious kids.