Small Nursery Ideas

11 Small Nursery Ideas for Maximizing Space

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Parents and expectant parents are bombarded with ads for new baby items every day. Each product promises convenience and is labeled as a “must-have.” What those ads don’t say is that storing all that baby stuff can become a problem, especially if you have a small nursery room to begin with.

The truth is you don’t need a lot of space to accommodate a new baby. With the right nursery design and essential baby supplies, you can create a comfortable and practical nursery even in a small room.

Check out these small nursery ideas to make the most of your space.

11 Ideas to Set Up a Nursery in a Small Space

If you’re worried about having enough room for your new bundle of joy, fear no more. You can set up a functional and cozy area for your baby’s nursery in a small room when you get creative with the design and decor. Once you start planning the nursery design , take measurements of the room to make the most of the square footage in the nursery.

Decorate with White

White walls in a tiny nursery can make the room feel bigger. If your small room has few windows to let in natural light, white walls will bring brightness to the nursery. White furniture also gives a clean and airy ambiance to help the room feel more open and tidy.

Small Nursery Ideas

Combine the Dresser and Changing Table

A dresser is an essential piece of nursery furniture, and it’s even better when it doubles as your changing table . A two-in-one dresser with a changing pad on top will conserve floor space in the nursery and keep the room from becoming overcrowded. Choosing a four-drawer dresser takes up the least amount of space while still having the option to use the top as a diaper changing station.


Invest in a Convertible Crib

An adjustable, convertible crib will continue to be the perfect sleep spot for your baby boy or baby girl from the day you bring them home through toddler age. When you only need one bed for so many years, you don’t need to worry about storing a toddler bed for the future or making space to put a crib away after you’ve made the switch.


Add Storage Underneath the Crib

Use every inch of valuable floor space by keeping bins or baskets under the crib. This area of extra storage is often overlooked but is a great place to stash out-of-seasonbaby clothesor toys for your little crawler to retrieve on their own. As your child grows and your storage needs change, this space can be modified again and again.

Utilize Wall Space

Store baby items and nursery decor on floating shelves and hanging rods or hooks on the wall. Stuffed toys can be used as decor on shelves until your baby is old enough to play with them, and you can set the baby monitor on the shelf to keep it out of your child’s reach. Hanging up the next day’s outfit can be helpful when your child has multiple caregivers.

Ideas Nursery

Include a Bookshelf

A tall bookshelf will save space in your nursery by using vertical wall space . Your nursery bookshelf can carry bedtime books, stackable toys, and containers to hold any small items you need to store. Take proper safety measures by securing your bookshelf—and all large furniture—with wall anchors to prevent tipping accidents when your baby pulls up or climbs on it.

A small Nursery

Use Quality Corner Space

The large pieces of furniture don’t have to be centered in the room. With a tiny nursery or odd-shaped room, you can use the corners and unique inlets to your advantage. Tuck your crib or swivel glider into the corner to provide more space for organizing the rest of your nursery furniture.

Pink Nursery

Don’t Forget Behind the Door

The space behind the door is often forgotten since it’s usually out of sight when you’re in your baby’s room. An over-the-door organizer can have pockets of different sizes to hold a range of baby products, or hooks to hang blankets and clothes. There’s often enough room to place a small laundry hamper or diaper pail behind the door while it’s open.


Remove the Closet Door

Whether your nursery room has a closet with a swing-out door or a sliding door, it’s blocking precious floor space. Removing the closet door can help open up the room and give you extra space to work with in the closet area. As a bonus, you’ll have a clear view of all the adorable baby clothes.

Organize a Rolling Cart

A storage solution on wheels allows you to move around a small nursery with ease. Keep your diapers, wipes, and rash cream on the cart for a diaperingstation you can move from the nursery to the living room. Add burp cloths, pacifiers, and a nursing pillow to your cart to use while you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. You can keep a rolling cart in front of the crib during the day and then slide it to the other side of the room when it’s time for your little one to sleep.

Start with a Mini Crib

Maybe your small space is temporary or your nursery area is in your master bedroom for the time being. It might make sense to set up a mini crib or bassinet for your newborn. The mini crib will take up much less space than a standard-size crib, but be sure to monitor your baby’s growth and how well they’re sleeping at night. Hitting developmental milestones or restless sleep can tell you it’s time for a bigger bed.

How to Choose Nursery Furniture for Small Rooms

The furniture is the foundation of your baby’s nursery. Choosing the right pieces of furniture to make the most of your small space is crucial to creating a clean and useful room for your little one.

Nurture& has high-quality, non-toxic nursery furniture to help you build a bedroom for your baby no matter how much space you have.

Select Multipurpose Furniture

Choosing one piece of furniture that can serve several different purposes is a gold-star parenting hack. Keep everything your baby needs organized and within reach without taking up extra space.

Less is more when it comes to multifunctional nursery essentials like these:

The Gliding Swivel and Storage Ottoman

A cozy glider chair with 200 degrees of swivel fits perfectly in the corner of your nursery. You can feed your baby, read bedtime stories, or watch your child play all from the comfort of your glider. The Storage Ottoman is a footrest made of the same stain-resistant material and holds any small items you want to be hidden away.

The Dresser with Changing Topper

A dresser/changing table combo is practical for a small baby nursery. Made of sustainably sourced wood, The Dresser has smooth-glide drawers with a sleek, modern design. The option to add the Changing Topper turns this dresser into a convenient diapering and dressing area.

The Crib

Every crib from Nurture& is convertible and designed to be suitable for your little one from infancy through toddler years. The Crib has three adjustable mattress height settings to easily reach your baby. Once your toddler is ready to make the switch, you can convert this crib into a toddler bed.

The Bookshelf

With generous shelf spacing and open ends, The Bookshelf can hold anything from your baby’s first board books to your teenager’s shoe collection. This bookshelf is built to last many seasons with your family and you can use it in many different ways as your family’s needs change.

Go With the Smaller Size

They say good things come in small packages, and that includes nursery furniture. Nurture& offers smaller options without compromising quality.

Consider downsizing with these pieces:

  • A  small glider  instead of a rocker. A traditional rocking chair may fit well in a small room, but moving it back and forth requires extra space. With a small glider chair, you can move to the same soothing rhythm without bumping into the wall behind you.

  •  The 4-Drawer Dresser  is compact but still allows space for a changing pad on top. If you’re thinking, No way. I need more drawers. Consider getting two 4-drawer dressers. It might be easier to arrange two small dressers than one big dresser in a tiny nursery.

  •  The PlayPad Mini  will designate a safe place for your baby to have tummy time in the nursery when you don’t have a separate playroom. This cushioned pad supports your little one without taking up the floor space of other larger play mats.

Tips for Small Nursery Decor

A small room can encompass a nursery design that makes a big impact. Whether you prefer a bold and colorful style or a light and neutral theme , you can incorporate these tips to bring your ideas to life in your baby’s nursery.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Simple nursery decor and a neutral color palette can help your small nursery look more spacious. Solid-colored furniture against a subtle pattern on the wall will provide a sense of balance in the room.

Pick Pastel Wall Colors

Lighter colors like pastels and muted boho shades help to enhance the natural light in the room making it feel larger than it is. White and light-colored furniture has the same effect of making the room seem less crowded.

White crib

Hang a Mirror on the Wall

A wall-mounted mirror will bring depth to a small nursery. The mirror reflects light and gives the illusion ofextra space . Make sure your mirror is securely mounted and not placed over the crib in case it’s knocked down.

Create a Floor-to-ceiling Mural

Make your wall decor the focal point of the nursery. Dedicate one wall to a large pattern or a picturesque backdrop with the surrounding walls in a light neutral color. The mural wall will catch your eye and take attention away from the other sides of the room.

Green Nursery

Make Your Storage a Statement Piece

Bring storage solutions that are both functional and trendy into your small nursery. Pick bins with patterns or pictures on them to complete a cube shelving unit or a dresser with a modern design to organize your baby’s clothes. When your storage pieces look good you’ll be happy to keep them out in the open.

Stretch Out with Vertical Stripes

Elongate the look of your small space with vertical stripes on the wall. Stripes that stretch from baseboard to crown molding can make a low ceiling seem taller. This opens up your baby’s nursery so you’ll feel less cramped in the room.

Install Ceiling and Wall Lighting

Avoid floor lamps taking up space in your baby’s bedroom by mounting light fixtures on the ceiling or walls . Even if your nursery room already has an overhead light, a dim lamp attached to the wall or sitting on a shelf near your glider can be helpful when getting your baby ready for bed and middle-of-the-night feedings.

Decorate with a Rug

Lay an area rug with a bright color or intricate design to bring a splash of style into the nursery. You could find a rug that stands out as the center of your design, or one that compliments other aspects of your nursery theme. A decorative rug adds personality to the room with soft floor space to share.


Stick to Wall Art

Standing picture frames and decor take up vital surface area—and in a small nursery, every inch counts. Choose hanging photos or wall decals that can be put up on the walls to allow plenty of space for practical baby items on shelves and tabletops.

You don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful bedroom for your baby. With these small nursery ideas to get you started, you’re well on your way to building a room where your family will have many memorable moments.

However you choose to design your small space, Nurture& has premium nursery furniture and baby essentials all thoughtfully designed for parents, by parents. Scroll through Our Journal where we write down all our best tips and advice to support you through your parenting journey.

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